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Electric Gynecology Table

Model: HM-6100


HM-6100 Electric gynae table or electrical delivery table or gynecology couch is mainly used in gynecology, obstetrics and exam clinics. It also used as a patient transport stretcher.HM-6100 gynecological table designed for patient comfort and flexibility during examination by adjustable backrest and Hi-Lo function using electric actuator. HM-6100 is also equipped with safety side rails, collection bowl and PVC upholstery top with cushion to provide comfort to patient.Our delivery tables and gynecology examination tables are designed with utmost care and to help caregivers obtain their aims. HM-6100 gynecology chair provides more convenience through its unique features and it is highly demanded by our customers.




- Mild steel framework
- Epoxy powder coating finishing
- Back rest elevation by electric Actuator.
- Foot rest elevation by electric Actuator for examination purposes.
- Trendelenburg system by manual hand lever.
- IV pole mount attachment with IV pole
- Adjustable Height by Electric Actuator.
- Removable Push handle.
- 125mm swivel castor with diagonal locking.
- Fold down chromed side rail cum hand grip.
- Lithotomy stirrups and straps
- Stainless steel bowl, Utility tray.
- Paper Roll holder
- Dim: L 1830 x W 610 x H 590 – 850





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