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Welcome to the thriving world of HOFF©. We have been engrossing into the business of hospital furniture manufacturer medical furniture suppliers. HOFF©is one of the medical and hospital furniture manufacturer which manufacture high quality medical furniture, hospital furniture, hospital beds, overbed table, bedside tables, medical bed, hospital table, medicine cabinet, bed side, examination lights, electrical bed, medical exam tables, hospital bed for sale, examination table, massage table, examination couch, exam table, delivery bed, bedside cabinets, gynecology table, medical chairs, medicine cabinets, hospital chairs, exam tables, medical trolley, dressing trolley, instrument trolley, hospital trolley, medical light, examination light, led light, halogen light, iv stand, iv poles, over bed table, hospital bed, emergency trolley, electric bed, crash trolley, hospital furniture for sale, bedside tables, medical cabinet, instrument cabinet, instrument cupboard, exam light , medical cabinets, medical storage cabinets, medicine trolley, pediatric bed, infant bed, baby bed, word screen, bed screen, medical screen, medical curtain, hospital curtain, emergency  trolley, side cabinet, examination light , side cabinets, stretcher trolley, patient trolley, iv pole, wheel chair, linen trolley, laundry basket, medical beds, hospital beds for sale, iv drip, electric examination couch, bed side cabinets, hospital furniture supplier, bed side tables, medical trolley, examination table, and many more.


HOFF© is a professional Malaysian manufacturer. Our mission is to introduce high quality & durable medical and hospital furniture and provide excellent services with the most competitive price to the world. With the economic development in recent years, our medical and hospital furniture have attracted more and more attention from the distributors all over the world. HOFF© is the very business partner that you can rely on. In a very short span of time, we have been able to carve a niche of excellence in the market place for ourselves. Our dedication towards work and vast business knowledge has placed us on the top over the graph. We are committed to provide reliable and accurate products to our customers. We assured you our products are genuine, safe and as per the requirement of related industries are capable to reduce your company cost. Our team of skilled & experienced personnel, professional environment provided by us is helpful in the fostering our quality products and attaining customer satisfaction. We believe in giving our arduous efforts rest we leave upon our clients. HOFF© is ready to work with the international partners to distribute its products in international market. OEM partners are warmly welcome. Last but not the least we have contributed a lot into this in terms of providing quality products on very competitive prices. And this is the only fruit of our backbreaking efforts that has placed us the most preferable brand name of this sector. We are interested in expanding our business with you.